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PARROT Talks to: Sophie Yesufu of @maggiesstyleedit

February 19, 2021 | PARROT Talks

After meeting on Instagram in spring last year, Sophie & I have become good friends. She styled our most recent shoot, and PARROT is soon to be a part of her new business venture – and trust me, it’s something you are going to want to know about!

Grab yourself a coffee and get to know Sophie of @maggiesstyleedit!

Hi Sophie! Thank you so much for being a part of PARROT Talks! Can you please tell us a little bit about who you are, where you’re based, and what you do?

Hi Flora, thanks so much for having me on here!

So, I’m Sophie Yesufu, 34 & I currently live in Manchester with my husband and little boy. I have been working in the fashion industry for over 10 years. I am currently a freelance designer and starting a new sustainable fashion curating business called Maggie’s Room… so watch this space and make sure you are following me on @maggiesstyleedit for updates!

What led you down the path to becoming a stylist?

Being in fashion, following catwalks & bloggers, has meant I have always loved clothes! Experimenting with different looks and trends, some more scary than others!! It wasn’t until I had my baby that I started to realise how much I loved putting outfits together and helping others with their styling needs. Friends that I had made in baby groups, started asking me for styling advice and information on where I had bought certain items. One of my close friends spoke to me about turning it in to a business and that’s how it all began!

I always want to pin point how I would define my style – what are your tips for knowing what your style is, and how would you define your own style?

I think a person’s style is always evolving, well mine is anyway! Thank god, as I had some very strange styles as a teenager!!

I think that you can be influenced by so many things around you but ultimately only you truly know what you feel comfortable and confident in. As a fashion designer, I’m conditioned to follow trends & know what next seasons key colours and shapes are, however, style wise I think it’s important not to just follow a trend because it’s a trend. The key to defining your own style is experimentation, dressing for your shape and wearing more of what makes you feel amazing!

I would define my own style as eclectic with a casual edge. I like to mix up vintage, high street and designer and I also love to play around with colour.

We are all trying harder nowadays to keep our wardrobes more sustainable and buy investment pieces which we will wear, and wear. What are your thoughts and tips on keeping your existing wardrobe fresh?

Ok, so I am no expert on this because I’m still trying my best to change my buying habits and think longevity, instead of buying on impulse.

My tips are at the beginning of a season really go through your wardrobe. Get to know your clothes again, try things on and hopefully there’s pieces that you still love in there!

Really think about what you want from your clothes and get inspired! There are so many ways to do that now, so make it fun! That way you can work out what you love and what you need to add to your wardrobe, without buying everything in sight.

Remember, just because it’s the latest trend, it doesn’t mean you have to have it. Ask yourself, is it you? What would you wear it with? How many times would you wear it?

Just think a bit more before you buy and your buying habits will slowly start to change. Mine certainly have!

In terms of keeping your wardrobe fresh, I would say, just keep revisiting, keep experimenting and through the season, if you want to add new pieces, keep in mind what you already have and how you would style them with your new items.

I think the more you experiment with what you have and think about what you buy, the more you create your own style, your own identity.

What’s your go-to look on days when you just feel as though you have nothing to wear? (We all have them!)

Oh god, all the time! I definitely have more days like that since having a baby! I totally dress for my mood, so I just can’t plan outfits the night before, which make getting dressed in the morning way more stressful!!

At the moment, I’m all about the jeans, chunky boots, hoody and big coat. Manchester is cold and it rains A LOT!

Where do you find styling inspiration?

All over really!! Obvious places like Insta, Pinterest, catwalks and blogs but also people watching… not in a weird creepy way though! I love travelling and being out and about and I just like to people watch, look at outfits and colour combos. I am that person that will go up to someone random and say hi, I love your outfit!

I’m sure you are asked all the time, but which brands do you think are best for curating a timeless but stylish wardrobe?

Firstly, I would say for timeless and stylish pieces try vintage and charity shops first. For example, blazers are best to buy vintage and mens ones too, as the quality is amazing! Nowadays, it’s so much easier to shop secondhand and vintage so give it a try!

There are so many brands creating beautiful and timeless pieces. A few I love are, Arket, Sezane, Palones, Second Female, Sunshine Living, Frankie Shop, Franks London, Paloma Wool and Maison Cleo.

Also, Hurr, On Loan and By Rotation stock fabulous brands you can rent! I’m definitely going to be doing this more!

If you could only save one item of clothing from your wardrobe in a fire, which would it be?

Can I have two please?! A very old hand knit cable jumper that my dad gave me. It was knitted by one of his first patients in 1983 as a thank you and I bloody love it!

Also, my Ganni jumper that my hubby bought me as a surprise because it’s just beautiful.

PARROT Talks is about sharing small businesses, can you give us some recommendations?

Yes of course! These are just some of my faves! And, of course PARROT London!
















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