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PARROT Talks to: Honey Bunch

May 27, 2021 | PARROT Talks

Whilst 2020 will forever be etched in our minds as the year of Covid-19 and the numerous lockdowns that came with it, for others, it was a year of creativity and entrepreneurship. Last year was a record breaking year for the number of new businesses launched, and Honey Bunch is proudly a part of that record. Honey Bunch create gorgeous dried flower bouquets, and in a year where we spent more time at home than ever, making it a place we wanted to be with beautiful floral displays became paramount. I loved having the chance to catch up with Sophie & Chloe who, like me, juggle a full time job, with a full time side hustle.

Reading their interview, you can just tell how passionate, creative and fun these two are! I hope you enjoy reading all about Honey Bunch.

You can shop Honey Bunch here, and find them on instagram here.

Hi Chloe & Sophie! Thanks so much for being a part of PARROT Talks! Could you start by telling us a bit about who you both are and where you are based?

Firstly, we are super excited about being part of PARROT talks, thank you so much for involving us! We met working in fashion for a high street brand (which we still do full time!), Sophie is originally from Mansfield and Chloe is originally from Hertfordshire. Honey Bunch was founded in south London, but we recently both moved out of London (thanks, COVID), but are still looking for our permanent residence! 

How and when was Honey Bunch dreamed up?

Wayyy back when, in lockdown 1.0 (can you believe we are now coming out of 3.0?!), we would regularly meet in Tooting Common for a game of Uno and a few days drinks in the sun! As the drinks flowed, we started sparking ideas, and before we knew it we had our first business meeting! (Via Zoom of course). 

Do you work on Honey Bunch full time or is she very much a full time side hustle for now?

Honey Bunch is very much a side hustle, which we absolutely love. We are both really creative people and love having this to do in our spare time. 

What’s the dream with Honeybunch?


What do you love most about dried flowers and what attracted you to working with them in the first place?

We just LOVE that you can’t kill them! They were completely new territory for us, but the more we experimented, the more we fell in love! They come in such a huge array of colours, and we feel that you can plan them into your home interior the same way you would with a piece of art or a piece of furniture. 

How has the last year of lockdown affected your business? I imagine with more people caring for and spending time in their homes, Honey Bunch must have grown a lot?

Definitely,  we took a great opportunity when we did, and lockdown actually helped! We have been able to see the most supportive, kind and loving messages people have sent to others during difficult times in the last year, and we are so glad we were able to be the messenger. We have grown more than we ever could have imagined in the last year, and we’re so grateful for every single one of our customers and supporters! 

Which bunches are each of your favourites?

Sophie loves Mia letterbox bunch because she adores the smell of lavender, and Chloe’s favourite is the Evelyn bouquet! 

How do you come up with the concepts, names, colours etc for each new bunch?

If we’re totally honest, we are both really impulsive people and tend to for go whatever we are feeling at the time! The names are the fun part, and tend to come about organically, sometimes named after loved ones and other times whichever name suits the bunch! 

What have been some of the most exciting or “pinch me” moments so far for you?

We have had so many amazing opportunities since we started! (some still to come!). But one stand out moment for us was being approached by an NHS charity to provide bright and colourful bunches to hospital staff (St. George’s Hospital), as a thank you for their incredible hard work in this past year and beyond. And then there was the small matter of being featured in British Vogue… that was epic and we still can’t believe it!

Obviously as a fellow small biz owner, I know all about the struggles of Instagram! A new feature for PARROT Talks is going to be sharing an Instagram tip because I’m sure we all could do with them from time to time! What helps make the gram work best for Honey Bunch?

So the best insta tip we have is to make some Insta friends! We are now part of a small business group chat and we all have very different businesses but it’s been an amazing way of meeting new people and also supporting and promoting each other’s businesses/sharing new tips/milestones/frustrations and just an over all amazing community. Couldn’t have done it without them! 

PARROT Talks is all about sharing and shouting about our favourite small businesses, can you share of yours and I’ll include a link to all of their Instagram handles!

There are too many to name! But here are our 3 stand outs:



And finally, what’s next for Honey Bunch?

We just want to keep growing and providing homes with beautiful dried blooms, we absolutely love our little business, so fingers crossed for good things in the future!

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