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PARROT Talks to: GirlsBoysGods

January 2, 2021 | PARROT Talks

This post is from the PARROT Talks archive.

On Friday, a team of us shot all new imagery for the PARROT London website and social media and it was one of the best working days I have had, ever. I was working with a team of people who (bar one person, the wonderful Kristia) I had never met. Being the overthinking, control freak Virgo that I am, I had a few sleepless nights leading up to the day, but I cannot express enough how much every single one of my doubts and fears was squashed within seconds of meeting everyone involved, and that of course includes Paige & Hugo, the photographers. Paige & Hugo are not only effortlessly cool and charismatic, but their professional nature made me feel at ease instantly. They have never not replied to an email or frantic last minute whatsapp, and are so skilled at what they do, that it’s hard to believe they only graduated Central Saint Martins a year ago. I am so delighted to have worked with Paige & Hugo – they were slick, speedy and incredibly creative and truly brought my photography ideas to life. I am so excited to get their imagery up on – I think you’re going to love it. I interviewed Paige & Hugo as part of my series of PARROT Talks conversations with small businesses and creatives. I hope you enjoy reading it.

You can find Paige & Hugo on instagram @girlsboysgods.

This blog post shares some of the beautiful photography Paige & Hugo created for PARROT London when we launched our Sunglasses Chains, as well as a couple of their images from the shoot, and mine from behind the scenes.

Hi Paige & Hugo, thanks so much for having a chat with us for PARROT Talks! Can you tell us a bit about who you are, where you are based, and what you do?

Thanks so much for inviting us to speak. We’re recent alumni of Central Saint Martins where we both studied Fine Art – it’s where we met actually (the day of our degree art show). We’re currently based in London, working from our studio, office and home. At the moment, myself (Paige) and Hugo are developing our portfolios; we collaborate with young, old, subtle, or bold brands producing ‘lifestyle’ imagery for their social media feeds.

Can you remember when you both got into photography and what it was that attracted you to the art form?

Paige: I think I naturally fell into it at a young age, maybe around 10 or so years ago. My younger brother and I became a platonic Sorrenti and Moss – my brother (Casper) has been photographed and published well over 100+ times within my schooling – I even created a billboard sized (!) portrait of him for a final exhibition at Central Saint Martins. As realistic as photography can be, I’ve always enjoyed how vague or detailed you can make the image (or person within that image) seem. Hugo: ‘Printmaking’ is my first passion. It’s probably a few years ago I started taking photographs to use as a starting point for my wood cuts and screen prints, (processes of printmaking). For me, photography is a tool that helps (me) to capture details, which I would then transfer over to a different medium. I’ve always admired photography, but with my own, I never see it as being ‘finished’ – photography brings many possibilities. 

Are there any photographers who especially inspire you and your work?

Paige and Hugo: William Eggleston’s a great one. He photographed a lot of random objects, sometimes portraits, quite often candid. Funnily enough, a lot of his work is really similar to an on-trend instagram shot…One of my favourite photographs is a very famous image of a glass covered in sunlight in front of an airplane window. We use a lot of natural lighting in our own work, a nod to Eggleston.(I feel terrible for linking to a google image search but having taken a look at his photography, I couldn’t pick just one to share! Just gorgeous)

What is your working relationship like – do you each take on different responsibilities or are you fully collaborative?

Paige: I guess again it’s very natural, and we can be quite fluid with who does what. Currently we’re predominantly working with womenswear brands (although we’d love to include some menswear in our portfolios soon), so I’m not normally behind the camera. I think the fact that we’re familiar with each other makes it quite relaxing…I trust Hugo’s eye for detail so I tend to let him direct the shoots.Hugo: We follow a base dynamic but we’re very open to the others’ opinions. Paige will style the pieces, source props and location scout for the backdrop and I’ll suggest how she’ll move or pose to emphasise the direction or mood we’ve agreed on. 

What sort of things do you love to shoot; would you say you have a signature style?

Paige and Hugo: We’re always open to a challenge so we’re happy shooting anything. Women’s ready-to-wear is becoming our thing at the moment. We’re still finding our feet, but our beginning signature would probably be the use of natural lighting, and our frequent use of close-up, detailed shots.

Everybody has a different process when it comes to their work, but can you talk us through how you go about getting the right kind of images for you?

Paige and Hugo: We try to put ourselves in the shoes of the brand we are collaborating with. We’ll try to adopt many of the themes in a brands already-existing instagram feed so that the content we produce flows nicely against other curated collaborators/brands images. It’s almost like entering a gallery, and figuring out why your work should be included. We’re quite chameleon-like in that respect, we could go from shooting a lemon-coloured tulle dress against a sunny London backdrop – to – a black silk blouse against a monochromatic screen within one day to the next.

Who do you love to follow on Instagram?

Paige: I’ve always admired @styleheroine, she’s got such a strong identity and her art-direction is always so poignant. I also really enjoy mood-board based accounts, @aformuse for their chicness, and @the.storyboard.magazine for their daily themed stories.Hugo: @jamesbarkman – he’s a great photographer.

What are your future plans for Girls Boys Gods?

We’re hoping to expand into campaign imagery and editorial style shots for websites, trade shows and stores – but for the time being we’re finding creating content purely for the purposes of instagram quite fun and fulfilling. 

Do you have a recommendation for us?

Paige: Hugo initially lent me his 35mm film camera before he returned to his home (Cannes) last summer and I’ve been quite snap-happy with it since. They’re ridiculously easy to use and very rewarding once you get your snaps processed (lots of places still process film, so it’s widely accessible and fairly priced)  – I’d definitely recommend this kind of camera for anyone wishing to start out in photography.Hugo: @riley.whitelum has a great Youtube account where he, his girlfriend (@elayna.carausu) and their young son (I’m pretty sure he also has an instagram account) travel the world on their sailing boat – there’s some great shots in their videos. If you’re a fan of travelling or are hoping to get inspired, I’d suggest checking them out.

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