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April 9, 2021 | PARROT Talks

PARROT Talks to: Catherine Menon

I am totally floored by how cool I think Catherine Menon is! I didn’t know much about Catherine before interviewing her for this issue of PARROT Talks but now I am pretty keen to be her friend. As someone else who juggles full time work with a side-hustle/passion project/second job (call it what you will!), […]

March 26, 2021 | PARROT Talks

PARROT Talks to: Georgina Leung

Side story before we get into this interview… I want to move house. We are looking to move house and I’m really excited and ready for when we do move. It will be nice to have a change of scenery from the four walls I have sat in for the past 12 months. I like […]

February 19, 2021 | PARROT Talks

PARROT Talks to: Sophie Yesufu of @maggiesstyleedit

After meeting on Instagram in spring last year, Sophie & I have become good friends. She styled our most recent shoot, and PARROT is soon to be a part of her new business venture – and trust me, it’s something you are going to want to know about! Grab yourself a coffee and get to […]

February 8, 2021 | PARROT Talks

Celebrate Feb 14th with PARROT London, Dolly Alderton & Penguin UK!

If you don’t know Dolly Alderton, then allow me to welcome you to life outside of the rock under which you have been living for the last few years. The podcast host (RIP The High Low), author and columnist has become something of an idol to many millennial women, myself included. She is relatable, witty […]

February 5, 2021 | PARROT Talks

PARROT Talks to: Monika the Label

Launching in the midst of a global pandemic and yet still amassing an army of cool-girl fans is no mean feat. But it’s all in a day’s work for Monika Young, the owner and Creative Director of Monika the Label. I had the opportunity to talk to Monika about building her brand and all of […]

January 22, 2021 | PARROT Talks

PARROT Talks to: Elizabeth Ilsley

There are certain things in life which you just know if you wear/do/put up in your house… you will instantly feel pretty bad ass and cool. And anything created by artist Elizabeth Ilsley is just that. We were lucky enough to interview Elizabeth pre-Christmas, and it’s so exciting to have her kick off our PARROT […]

January 2, 2021 | PARROT Talks

PARROT Talks to: GirlsBoysGods

This post is from the PARROT Talks archive. On Friday, a team of us shot all new imagery for the PARROT London website and social media and it was one of the best working days I have had, ever. I was working with a team of people who (bar one person, the wonderful Kristia) I […]

January 1, 2021 | PARROT Talks

PARROT Talks to: Sunshine Living

This post is from the PARROT Talks Archive. This month, PARROT has been having a chat with the founder of Sunshine Living – Sakara McShane. Sunshine Living is a brand with an ethos after my own heart – ethical, sustainable and (perhaps most importantly) makes you feel brilliant when you buy and wear their pieces! […]

December 14, 2020 | PARROT Talks

PARROT Talks to: Rebecca Journal

This post is from the PARROT Talks archive. Hi Rebecca! Can you tell us all a little bit more about who you are? Hi Flora! My name’s Rebecca – I am an illustrator from the South Coast of England and run my Instagram page Rebecca Journal. I graduated from The University of the Arts London […]

December 13, 2020 | PARROT Talks

PARROT Talks to: Winifred Rose

This post is from the PARROT Talks archive. PARROT Talks was always designed as a platform for me to speak with, learn from or be inspired by other small businesses and creative people – and then share all of that with you – but this week I really felt as though my interview ticked every […]

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